29 Jun 2021
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Supplying flow rates up to 60m3/h, the new SMP triplex water softener is ideal for critical applications such as boiler water, batch operations, ingredient water etc. The design is made by EUROWATER engineers based on high quality standard components.

EUROWATER expands the standard product programme for softeners with the new SMP triplex water softener. The softener is designed with three resin tanks, capable of operating in triplex mode.

In triplex mode the flow rate is up to 60m3/h, which is twice as high as the same SMP softener in duplex mode. This is achieved by optimizing the usage of the resin, without compromising the quality of the softened water.

  1. Maximum reliability

The SMP triplex is designed specific for applications which demand high reliability of operation. The units are equipped with automatic, pneumatically actuated ball valves with high reliability and a long lifetime.

The valves are fail-safe – if supply of electricity and air is not available, the valves are closed.

  1. Continuous supply of soft water

The triplex design ensures continuous soft water supply with always two tanks in operation and one in regeneration or in stand-by. This allows effective regeneration of one tank at a time with stable and only modest pressure lost.

  1. Low water consumption

Certain plants are supplied with conductivity meters that continuously measure the actual conductivity in the rinse water. When the ion exchanger is clean and no salt is measured in the rinse water, the regeneration stops, thereby minimizing rinse water consumption.

The conductivity meter reduces rinse water consumption by up to 50% making sure that only the necessary amount of water is being used.

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