New CO2 degasser in PP thermoplastics: Type CD

New CO2 degasser in PP thermoplastics: Type CD

The new CO2 degasser is an old product with a new design and in new material. Years ago, Eurowater produced CO2 degassers in coated steel. Due to the rising steel and energy prices, a supplier of a less expensive and more sustainable material was found and used for the new CO2 degasser projects.
Now, we have developed a standard series of five CO2 degassing vessels, working from 5 m3/h to 70 m3/h.

The vessels are made of PP thermoplastics, which means they are corrosion-free, have a long life and will degas large amounts of water in an economically advantageous way.

You can read more about the new CO2 degasser in the leaflet.

All material (instruction, data sheet, product brief etc.) on the CO2 degasser is available in the EUROWATER Handbook under EWHB/Deaeration and Degassing/CO2 Degasser.

New CO2 degasser