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Demineralization is the removal of dissolved solids in the water through ion exchange. A demineralizer from EUROWATER requires no special pre-treatment of the inlet water to achieve demineralized water quality. The plants are used for many applications, including production of rinse water, process water, boiler water, and more.

The demineralization plants are two-column systems, where the water first passes through a cation exchange column and then next passes through an anion exchange column.

  • Surface treatment
    Ion exchange demineralization used for recirculation of rinse water can reduce the amount of fresh make-up water needed. This is a sustainable solution to lower water consumption and even reduce production costs. The requirement for the make-up water is demineralized water with low salt and silica content. But to keep a continuous, smooth system operation, it is essential to treat the inlet water. The purpose of pre-treatment is to prevent clogging of the membranes with precipitation and suspended solids and to remove free chlorine.
  • Process water
    Demineralized water and steam are required especially within food industries. The water quality is important for the final product quality and food safety.
  • Boiler water
    Demineralized water with low silica content used as make-up water for high pressure steam boiler.
    Ion exchange demineralization can be key to a trouble free operation.

The demineralization plants are available with semi-automatic or automatic regeneration. Semiautomatic demineralization plants require manual deployment of regeneration while an automatic plants intiate the regeneration when the capacity of the demineralizer is exhausted.

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