Description for our service

  1. Water softening is carried out by ion exchange technology. Through softening, the calcium and magnesium salts in the water are exchanged for sodium salts which do not cause the disadvantages of hard water. The method is used in Industries and institutions for treatment of water for steam boiler plants and district heating plants, laundries, cooling towers, rinse processes, washing, dishwashing etc.
  2. Dealkalizers for removal of bicarbonate hardness. Dealkalizers are weakly acidic cation exchangers mainly used for processing water with high bicarbonate hardness. Removal of bicarbonate hardness prevents scale and corrosion, hereby ensuring the reliability of other water treatment units. Dealkalizers are available in the standard series, DCM, DCMH, DCMP with flow rates up to 14m3/h. The plants are designed with one or two resin tanks.